Ed 306 is the set of Admin Rules which establishes minimum standards for an approved public school in the state of New Hampshire, and the Department is currently seeking public input on changes to those rules.

Ian Underwood has published an open letter to the Commissioner Edelblut and the Chair of the State Board of Education.

A brief sample:

“By requiring so much content to be taught, while not actually requiring any of it to be learned — and by establishing no priorities — you’re providing school administrators and teachers with a built-in excuse to ignore fundamentals in favor of incidentals. If ‘learning about the Holocaust’ and ‘developing an awareness of and involvement with the natural world’ are on the same level of importance as learning to read, you can guess how that’s going to work out..

See the Department of Education’s proposal for changes to ED 306 Admin Rules here.

See Ian Underwood’s outstanding commentary here.