NH State Proficiency / Achievement Results Consolidated 2009 – 2023


SDGA has consolidated the publicly reported proficiency/achievement results from 2009 to 2023, which are public information on the NH Department of Education information portal in disconnected reports, screens and data collections.

SDGA’s consolidated spreadsheet allows a user to select one or multiple school districts, individual schools, assessment years, subjects and grade levels, and see the proficiency rate across that span of years as reported by the state. To achieve the same result using the DOE information portal would require navigating and downloading those individual reports and other data sources, and selecting and compiling the desired results by hand.

In addition, the SDGA spreadsheet incorporates the concept of a “Class of” data field, which links all the assessments of a single cohort of students based on the year that cohort would complete 12th Grade. So, for example, the students who graduate in 2023 had their 11th Grade assessment in 2022, their 8th Grade assessment in 2019 and so forth.

The SDGA spreadsheet is stored as a Google Doc.  The “Assessment Year” and “Cohort” tabs are pivot tables, and the settings and filters on these are not available for editing by viewers of the table.  The “Raw Data” tab has column filters which can be edited by a viewer without affecting other users.  The full table can be downloaded.

The table presents 3 tabs:

  • The “Assessment year” tab is organized around the School Year during which the tests were completed by the given set of students at all the tested grade levels
  • The “Cohort” tab is the grouping of grade-level test results based on the “Class of” graduating year for the students in those grades, so that a given row of the table represents the successive grade-level results for the same group of students.
  • The “Raw data” is the information as downloaded and consolidated from the Department of Education information portal.

Data Notes:

Selected data has been edited for clarity.  Clean presentation of the data in tabular results requires that all achievement ratings be numerical. In some cases the DOE replaces a numerical result with a designation such as “> 90 %”, when that is judged to be necessary to protect anonymity of reporting. Reported results of “>90%” [achieved proficiency] are shown in the “Assessment Year” and “Cohort” tabs as “91” [% achieved proficiency]. Reported results of “<10%” are shown as “9”.  If the number of students in the evaluation category was 10 or fewer, no achievement score is reported, and that item is filtered out of the “Assessment Year” and “Cohort” tabs.  The original results as reported by the DOE are preserved for reference in the “Raw Data” tab, column “N”. 

Proficiency is aggregated across all the grades within a School District or the State using “Grade 0”.  These results are filtered out of the “Assessment Year” and “Cohort” tabs.

The Department of Education portal presents highly granular demographic breakdowns of proficiency based on sex, race, ethnicity, and other socio-economic criteria. These breakdowns apply only to the assessment years 2018 and forward. The SDGA consolidated table does NOT include these “disaggregated” results.

The principal data source for the table is a collection of files located on the DOE information portal at this url; https://www.education.nh.gov/who-we-are/division-of-educator-and-analytic-resources/bureau-of-education-statistics/assessment-data. The files are presented individually by assessment year, under the heading “Prior Years’ Results”.

Statewide results are extracted from various public DOE reports depending on the assessment year. Results from 2018 to present are obtained from the “Disaggregated Data File” covering the respective year. Results from 2016 and 2017 are obtained from the NH DOE “iAchieve” page https://www.nh.gov/t/DOE/views/iAchieve/ProficiencyandGrowth?%3Aiid=1&%3AisGuestRedirectFromVizportal=y&%3Aembed=y, selecting for the full state and for 2018. Results from 2010 to 2015 are obtained from NH School and District Profiles at this url: https://my.doe.nh.gov/profiles/profile.aspx#accountabilitystatus.