The School District Governance Association of New Hampshire is happy to announce that we have delivered an important new feature on our web site bringing value to anybody working to improve public education in this state.

Each spring, students across the state write standardized assessment examinations, for which results are announced the following autumn. These closely-watched results report the proficiency levels of our students in grades 3 through 8 and 11.

The results are publicly available on the Department of Education information portal, but are dispersed across disconnected reports, screens and data collections.

SDGA’s consolidated spreadsheet allows a user to select one or multiple school districts, individual schools, assessment years, subjects and grade levels, and see the proficiency rate across the full span of years as reported by the state. To achieve the same result using the DOE information portal would require navigating and downloading those individual reports and other data sources, and selecting and compiling the desired results by hand.

In addition, the SDGA spreadsheet incorporates the concept of a “Class of” data field, which links all the assessments of a single cohort of students based on the year that cohort would complete 12th Grade.

See the SDGA’s new consolidated spreadsheet here.