Best, or Least Worst?

Recently, I sat listening to a speaker talk about how both Massachusetts and New Hampshire are among the best states in terms of student achievement as measured by the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) test.

2019-20 SDGA Seminar Series

SDGA offers seminars throughout the year on topics of interest to school board and budget committee members.  They are all held at the Nackey Loeb School of Communications in Manchester. Upcoming seminars and events include: January 11 (9am) Policy and Legislation...

Education’s Staffing Surge

EdChoice's “Back to the Staffing Surge” podcast measures US public school employment growth versus student growth as well as teacher salary fluctuations and student outcomes over the past 65 years using publicly available data that state departments of education...

3 Bills Dubbed ‘Horrendous’

Three bills coming before the House this week aim to give the public more information about their government by eliminating some exemptions in the right-to-know law. The supporters of these bills say they are furthering the purpose and intent of the right-to-know law,...


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