At our 2022 Annual General Meeting on June 18, the SDGA recognized Dan Richards with the first annual School District Champion Award. Donna Green made these remarks in Dan’s honor:

DAN RICHARDS: a source of great inspiration.

Dan characterizes his effort as “trying to refocus public education on excellence for all and away from the Marxist equity agenda that seeks to dumb down education, remove advanced classes for high performing students and inject leftist ideologies regarding race, gender and sexuality into almost everything being taught.”

This is the first year the SDGA is recognizing a New Hampshire resident who is taking extraordinary steps to save government education. We are enormously proud to have Dan Richards as our first SDGA School District Champion.

How is he doing this? With many spears. Dan has generously underwritten the cost for the SDGA’s model policy review by Attorney Rick Lehmann. He has matched election fundraising for conservative school board candidates across the state. And he is currently supporting lawsuits in Gilford, Manchester and two in Exeter. The Gilford and Manchester suits challenge the school mandate that staff keep children’s gender/sexuality confusion private and lie to parents if or when confronted. One Exeter suit supports a parent’s Right to Know. The other involves a football player who was suspended from the football team for asserting there are only 2 genders.

It is hard to imagine how a private citizen could do more to expose, correct and change the government school system that is so very sick at the moment. Dan, all of us are enormously grateful for the personal sacrifice you and your family have made, and we are honored that you are a member of our organization and have agreed to accept our award.

Of course, we have no gift or even so much as a plaque to give you, this being Zoom and all.

But so great is our esteem for you and your efforts that our board wishes to name our annual award henceforth as the Dan Richards’ School District Champion Award. We would also like to present you with Ian Underwood’s new book, XIV, How the Fourteenth Amendment ate the First Ten – just as soon as it is in physical form.