The School District Governance Association of New Hampshire is happy to announce that Eric Pauer has assumed the leadership of the SDGANH. A professional engineer, Eric brings a great deal of leadership experience from his 30 years of part-time service as a Colonel in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve in addition to his extensive experience in local appointed and elected positions for Brookline and the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District.

Eric previously served as Vice President of the SDGANH. He replaces Donna Green who will be serving as Vice President.

“Eric has had a lot of success spearheading important school district initiatives in Brookline such as the adoption of SB2, instituting a tax cap, and requiring that the tax impact of budget items be printed on the school district ballot, says Donna Green. “He also drafted and championed the SDGA’s 2022 sponsored bill to enable voters of school districts to impose a district budget cap linked to enrollment, which passed the House but ultimately failed in the Senate. Eric’s record of focused action and able execution will certainly take the SDGA to the next level.”

The SDGA board meets the first Saturday of most months. These meetings are open to all members and those who support our mission. Eric can be reached at