House Bill HB399 proposes that the NH DOE design and administer a high school equivalency exam.

The bill seeks to amend RSA 93:1 (Compulsory Attendance) and RSA 94:23-b (Approval of High Schools). Passing the exam would result in a high school equivalency certificate, which would exempt a person under the age of 16 from compulsory school attendance – hence the link to RSA 93:1.

Some elements of the equivalency exam:

  • Open to children from the age of 13, including non-residents of NH
  • Pass threshold to be set at the average level of achievement of NH high school graduates
  • Must be accepted by NH post-secondary institutions as equivalent to high school graduation
  • Private right of action established for any NH citizen to sue the state to implement this law

Should SDGA support or oppose? Please discuss.