President: Jody Underwood, Ph.D.

Jody has served on the Croydon School Board since 2010 in various roles including Chair (2012-2016) Secretary (2011-12, 2016-17), and Vice Chair (2017-19), and is also School Choice Liaison.  She shepherded a bill that clarifies the law to allow private schools to be included in town tuitioning agreements. She completed the withdrawal from an AREA agreement and put into place tuition agreements with the schools to whom Croydon tuitions their students after they leave the K-4 Croydon Village School. Dr. Underwood also oversaw the separation of Croydon from SAU43 (with Newport) and started their own, very small, SAU99.

Jody is also an Education Fellow at Granite Institute (, where she has written research papers about how New Hampshire uses tax dollars for private schools and on how town tuitioning works in New Hampshire and New England. She has delivered presentations about town tuitioning and school choice around the state.

Professionally, Dr. Underwood has conducted research and development around the use of technology for learning and assessment in the classroom since 1988. She received her B.S. in computer science from Hofstra University, her M.S. in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence from Rutgers University, and her Ph.D. in Education from The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

She and her husband moved to New Hampshire in 2007, where they live on a large off-the-grid property with their two dogs.


Vice President: James Johnson

I was employed for 35 years with the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare. My responsibilities included reviewing case records for errors, and interviewing clients who receive public assistance, Food Stamps and Medicaid. I contacted third parties such as Social Security, Department of Revenue’s Child Support Unit and law enforcement to investigate and compile records on absent parents’ whereabouts so support could be collected for their children. I also conducted an audit of Medicaid vendors which resulted in thousands of dollars being recouped and jail sentences for guilty parties.

My one year of service on Brentwood’s Budget committee confirmed that board members are provided very little information to actuate an honest assessment of school budget actual needs.

I was educated at Stoneham High School and at Boston State. My lovely wife, Joann, and I moved to New Hampshire in 1993. We have two adult children. Meghan is married and living in Virginia Beach. Jackie Rose attends the University of New Hampshire.


Financial Officer:  Timothy Jandebeur

Timothy Jandebeur had a long career in retail management and ownership before retiring.  He has been a member of the Northwood School Board and joint board of SAU44 for the last five years.  His experience in elective office in Northwood is extensive and includes service as a selectman, a budget committee member and on the planning board.  He was instrumental in making recommendations for the Town Administration Study Committee which looked at Northwood’s town government and facilities.  He sits on the committee for the town’s Bean Hole Bash, a popular annual celebration in which he enjoys taking an active role, most recently as an auctioneer.  Mr. Jandebeur’s degree in Forestry from the University of Montana has served him well in managing the large acreage he shares with his wife. They have three grown adopted children.


Secretary: Diane Lachance

Diane Lachance has been a resident of New Hampshire since the early 1960’s, attended NH public schools and is a graduate of Pinkerton Academy and NHTI. She retired an 18 year career with E.I DuPont as a Senior Facilities Planner in order to raise her son. After three years in the public school, the family decided to homeschool. Diane has since been active in following education legislation and speaking to protect the rights of parents to choose their child’s education path. Along with her role as a homeschool parent, she has been a scout leader, Sunday school teacher, art teacher, church building committee member, volunteer to special needs church group, and newsletter editor/publicist for a variety of non-profits. Until 2007, Diane was active in the Hopkinton Contoocook Taxpayer’s Association seeking greater transparency and voter education around paper balloting, right-to-know, petitioning warrant articles, and making audio recordings of town and school meetings available online.

Seeing a recent rise in interest around greater transparency in public education, Diane has renewed her efforts to encourage parents and elected school board/budget officials to fully take the reins in their respective roles. It is apparent that all entities have been woefully under-informed, as well as discouraged, in seeking the knowledge needed to fully participate in important discussions and decisions around education and the funding of education.


Standing Committee Chairs

Accountability: Karen Testerman

Karen has served as a budget committee member for Mont Vernon Village School and for Souhegan High School. She has classroom teacher experience and is a long time advocate of family values. Shortly after moving to NH, Karen joined a group of grass root activists who studied and brought the introduction of Goals 2000 into New Hampshire to a standstill. As Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy Research (the New Hampshire family policy organization she founded in 2000), she became the leading voice for the traditional family and led the fight on numerous family rights issues.

Karen is the recipient of the Family Research Council “Family Faith and Freedom” award and the Cornerstone Policy Research “William Wilberforce” award. Additionally she was recognized by NH Magazine as one of their “Remarkable Women,” by Smart Girl Politics with the “Engage” award, by Eagle Forum with the Eagle Award for New Hampshire, and by the Nashua Area Federation of Republican Women as their Woman of the Year. Karen is a columnist, author and current co-host of talk radio.

A former candidate for governor, Karen has the ability to build broad coalitions of diverse groups to accomplish common goals. These have included pro family, pro gun, taxpayer groups, political leaders, military groups and religious leaders. She has personal involvement with the military as a wife, mother and daughter. She and her husband raised four children and currently reside with their Bouvier des Flanders, Dutch.


Communication and Outreach:  Skip Murphy

Skip is now serving his third term on the Gilford Budget Committee where he successfully pushed through a number of initiatives to better align the town with private sector policies.  His reply to those who complain he won’t “go along to get along” is the mantra that “the rise in government spending should never be more than the rise of the median income of the townfolk”.

He is well known in NH politics as one of the co-founders of GraniteGrok, the outspoken and leading Conservative / Libertarian politics website in NH.  For twelve years, he has blogged about Individual Liberty and Freedom and how a bloated Government is taking that away from us.  He writes often about education both locally and nationally and often how the current paradigms in education need to be changed. He holds both a BS in Biology and an MS in Computer Science, both from Boston University, and has spent almost 40 years working in all aspects of the software industry from heads-down programming, project management, consulting to designing and delivering technical training.


Curriculum and Assessment: Dana Buckley

Dana is a resident of Candia where he has served on the Budget Committee, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and currently the school board.  A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, he is a network engineer for the city of Nashua with a daughter and son currently in NH public schools.

With regard to public education he is particularly interested in and concerned with the issues of local control, parental rights, curriculum and assessment, and the declining ability of our nation’s public education system to be competitive in the global community.


Legislative Affairs: Doris Hohensee

Doris Hohensee moved to New Hampshire in 1979.  Mother of six children, who were home schooled and later attended Nashua public schools.  Member of the Nashua Board of Education since January 2016.

Doris has been an education activist since 1990, becoming familiar with New Hampshire state laws and regulations as well as the federal initiatives that affect our schools. She has worked with state legislators to pass a number of bills protecting teachers, parents and local control.


Policy: Howard Coffman

Howard Coffman has been a member of the Nashua Board of Education since January 2016.

Professionally, Mr. Coffman has earned the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. In his capacity as a Board member, Mr. Coffman intends to use his expertise in Project Management to the benefit of the Nashua School District. Mr. Coffman has extensive experience as a Workforce Trainer at the community college level and as an English language pronunciation coach to those who are seeking to improve their English language speaking skills. Mr. Coffman has worked also as a substitute teacher in Nashua schools and brings the working knowledge of the District classroom to the Board. He currently substitute teaches in the Merrimack School District.

After two years on the Board, Mr. Coffman continues to (1) educate himself on key issues, (2) introduce and implement “Best Practices” within the District, (3) promote transparency and organizational accountability, and instill fairness at all levels of the organization, (4) review and update existing policies, and (5) review in detail “discretionary” budget items to see if any savings can be achieved so that we remain within our existing budget limitations.


At Large: Susan Morin

Susan served as a member of the Weare School Board from 2015 to 2018. A thirty-year resident of the town, she was very active in the schools as her four children were attending.

She is a past President of the PTO and was a member of the committee responsible for establishing public kindergarten. She was a resident member of the Space Needs Committee for the elementary school which recommended to the board not to establish an Upper Elementary. As a school board member she was focused on school climate and culture as well as a responsible district and SAU budget.


Budget: tbd



Honorary Board Members

Arthur Green

Arthur Green is a past member of the Timberlane Regional School District Budget Committee.  He is an Information Technology Project Manager in the Financial Services sector, and has led the implementation of complex projects for many top tier banks and insurance companies.  In this capacity, he has developed and executed multi-million dollar budgets.  A proudly naturalized citizen of the US, Mr. Green moved to New Hampshire from Canada in 2007. He holds a BA in Economics from McGill University and is married to Donna Green with whom he has three adult children who call often.


Past President: Donna Green, MA

Donna Green represented Sandown on the Timberlane Regional School Board from 2014 to 2018.  She was recognized with a Nackey Loeb First Amendment Award for her 2016 NH Supreme Court victory, Green v. SAU55, that established the right of all people in New Hampshire to receive public information in electronic form if it so exists. The New England First Amendment Coalition also honored her with an Antonia Orfield Citizenship award in 2017 in recognition of the importance of that case.

Before retiring, Mrs. Green was a writer specializing in Canadian business and personal finance. Her blog on Timberlane school issues won a New Hampshire Press Association award in 2014, the same year she was honored as Sandown Citizen of the Year. She served on Sandown’s planning board for four years, as an alternate on the Sandown ZBA for three years, and two years on Timberlane’s budget committee before her school board service. She was a member of the NH Legislature’s Commission to Study Issues Relating to Pre-existing Districts Withdrawing from a Cooperative School District. She is waiting impatiently for grandchildren.