Dear New SDGA member,
Welcome aboard!  Thank you for joining our mission to empower elected school district officials with best practices in governance and budgeting.
A few things you should know that will help you get the most out of your SDGA membership:
1) Please get to know our website.  All meetings and events are posted on  Our website also has resources and numerous forums so we can discuss issues and projects among ourselves. Please contact Len Mullen for a forum login password as our forums are open to members only…
2) Six times a year we offer seminars for members and the public on topics of membership interest.  These take place usually on the third Saturday of the month – place and time always posted on our website.
3) Board meetings are held once a month, usually on the first Saturday.  All members and their guests are welcome to attend. Notice is posted on our website.
Location:  8 N. Main St., Second Floor, Concord, NH
4) Our by-laws are available in booklet form (at meetings) or via email.

5) Every member should plan to attend our Annual General Meeting on the third Saturday in May.  This is a chance to decide the direction of the organization by voting on legislative initiatives, board members, by-law changes, and even seminar topics.  It is also an invigorating chance to meet a lot of like-minded people with a tremendous depth of experience in school district issues. Our guest speaker should not be missed.  Commissioner Edelblut ​was our keynote speaker in 2017. 

6)  We urge you to get involved in our Standing Committees where the real work gets done.  You will gain the satisfaction of working with a great group of people who have a united vision. Email me an expression of interest and the committee chairman will contact you.
  • Accountability: to assist currently elected officials when their boards or budget committees fail to adhere to RSAs or their own policies.
  • Budget and Finance: to educate elected school district officials in correct budget practices and preparation
  • Communication and Outreach: responsible for communication and technology choices within the SDGA as well as outgoing public relations strategies, materials and execution.
  • Curriculum and Assessment: to help current board members and the public understand issues with curriculum and assessment decisions.
  • Legislative Affairs: to monitor legislation relating to school district and SAU governance and budgets, and to propose and draft legislation to advance the objectives of SDGA.
  • Policy: to formulate model policies for adoption by school boards wishing to advance the values of transparency, accountability, local control and parental rights.
7)  Membership in the SDGA is by sponsorship of another member.  We are eager to build membership but we are also careful to offer membership to those who share our vision of local control and best governance practices. Please invite any and all to our seminars but we ask that you be selective in your membership sponsorship.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or any other board member.  You can ask a question of the entire membership by sending an email to  

​You can also start a conversation on our forums which are open only to members. ​

A wealth of wisdom is at your disposal!

Again, thank you so much for joining SDGANH.  We look forward to assisting you and gaining your contribution.
All best,
Donna Green
School District Governance Association of NH